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Cybling Systems (Cyblings) was registered as a sole proprietorship in July 1995 by Krishna Bera to offer computer consulting services to clients in Ottawa, Canada. We provide software development, website creation and hosting, network and computer hardware maintenance and research support services. Cyblings has formed working relationships with various complementary businesses in order to meet a broader range of needs.

In spring 1999, we made a strategic decision that all software and documentation we develop would be free (non-proprietary) software. We believe this will reduce costs in the short term, and reduce the cost of software to society in the long run. Further, adopting and promoting the use of free software ensures the building blocks, ideas, algorithms and source code, with which smaller developers like us earn a living, continue to be accessible and available.

In order to do this all the office software was switched to GNU/Linux and we encourage clients to switch to non-proprietary operating systems and applications wherever it is reasonable to do so.

Current Projects:

Web petition for COAT
Customize Wordpress Speakup petition script, setup hosting and handle support requests. Administer PHPlist mailing list.
Setup, diagnosis and repair of PCs on contract
A local retail presence for Linux installation and support.
Drupal 7 hosting for a small electronics developer.
Wordpress hosting for Alain Demiannay, Personal Chef.
Equitable Education
Wordpress hosting for local educator and organizer Greg Macdougall.
The Pantry Vegetarian Tea Room
Web hosting for a local restaurant and caterer. (Designed and maintained by Louise M. Ouellet.)
Web hosting and mailing list administration for a local peace group.
Organizing For Justice
Wordpress and PHPBB hosting for a local activist network.
Web hosting for a local housing co-op. (Design and maintenance by Next2Nowhere.)
CHASEO website.
Legacy database scripting and website support.
Technical support for several small businesses, NGOs, and individuals.
Email viruses seem to be popular these days. Please Do not forward virus alerts by email!.

Past projects:

Back-End content management system
Development and support.
Support for The New Octopus Bookstore online
Customization and support of e-commerce software for a local bookstore. Added authors module. Setup secure server.
Group Calendar development
Many small organizations are now ready to try more sophisticated office integration technologies. Group scheduling is one of these, so we are investigating what free software is available and what may need to be developed.
Installation and Configuration of content management system - APC Action Applications.
See Krishna's resume for older stuff.

Strategic Partners

Cybling Systems maintains a network of contacts with trusted consultants, who may be called upon to form a working team when tasks require a greater range or depth of capabilities. Some of these include:

OpenConcept Consulting
OpenConcept strives to provide everything you need to build an effective web site. The team at OpenConcept emphasizes the importance of developing a positive relationship with our clients and community. OpenConcept strives to work in an Open Source environment.
Flora.Ca Consulting
Full range of Internet virtual hosting services, mailing list management, community software development and internet advocacy/political support services.

Rates and conditions:

On-site and on-call work in your offices by arrangement. Rates quoted here are starting points for negotiation; taxes and material costs are usually extra. Progressive nonprofits and charities will receive favourable discounts, as will longer term projects. Prices are in Canadian Dollars. (Note: The same rates apply for members of Ottawa LETS barter currency.)
ItemSample Rate
PC and small office network installation / troubleshooting / technical support $45/hour + parts.
Tutorial and Small Group Training $70/h
Website setup / maintenance $60/h
Website scripting / server administration $90/h

Contact information:

Cybling Systems

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